Limited Edition Van Craeynest Rings

Van Craeynest began its historical career in 1920 when Roger J. Van Craeynest went to work for Shreve and Company in San Francisco. He apprenticed under some of the finest European master craftsmen in America, including John Wrightburg, and became a master die cutter, designer, and engraver. Six short years later, the brilliant craftsman opened up his own shop in the heart of San Francisco, California.

As the company grew, expanded, and was eventually passed on to the Emerson family, there were hundreds of hubs and dies that were placed deep into the Van Craeynest vault, due to the increase of demand for the many well known favorites that our customers wear and continue to order today.

When choosing three dies to bring out of the massive collection of the hundreds of dies that have been previously used since Van Craeynest’s early beginnings, the decisions seemed endless. Our dies and hubs vastly range from delicate and subtle bands to extravagant and vintage special occasion rings that are absolutely breathtaking.

Finally, the choices were narrowed down to two beautiful bands and one amazing engagement ring.

The B.985.5

Van Craeynest B.985 Limited Edition

The first band that was chosen is the B.985.5. The “B” stands for band whereas engagement rings would begin with the letter “E”. The first set of numbers is the ring’s original and unique item number. This number is labeled on the hub and the die. The last number indicates how many diamonds are set in the ring, with the exception of a center stone.

The B.985.5, just as all of our Van Craeynest pieces, can be made in either yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. We love how this piece has carved leaves at the top that are squeezing a diamond, and the way our master diamond setter made the diamonds appear to waterfall down either side of the band.

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The B.952.27

Van Craeynest - B.952 Limited Edition

The second band that is in the collection is the B.952.27. This 2019 Limited Edition ring has a whopping 27 diamonds that are set on the top and sides of the band. This dazzling beauty can not help but be the center of attention with it’s hand-carved and die-struck features. The band has tiers on it, with diamonds covering the surfaces of each tier, making it a truly unique piece.

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The E.3771.2.24

Van Craeynest - E.3771 Limited Edition

The third and final ring that was brought out of our vaults is the E.3771.2.24. This ring has 24 diamonds weighing 0.52 in total carat weight, excluding the two main center stones. If you happen to be familiar with one of our beautiful engagement rings, the E.1023, then this ring will be a familiar sight to see! This Limited Edition ring is the grandmother to our beloved E.1023, with it’s hand-pierced features. The E.3771.2.24 is one of the few rings in our vault that has a double center stone, making this piece truly limited.

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Every Van Craeynest piece is made to order, so when you place your limited edition order you can customize the piece for you. These pieces are made with diamonds, however we can substitute with precious gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. This can be married with any three of our precious metal options: rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. If you choose yellow gold, you can opt to have your piece antiqued, which creates a beautiful patina look. Center stones are also entirely customizable. Perhaps you want two diamonds because of their stunning dazzle, or maybe you have two gemstones that are precious to you (birthstones of your children, your birthstone and your partner’s, or any other special combination)? With your customization you can secure the exact look you are going for with our one-of-a-kind limited edition rings!

These rings can be ordered now until October 31st, 2019, with the guarantee that they will be completed and arrive to you or a loved one in time for the holidays. Each piece is completely hand-crafted in California and takes 21 days to complete. Don’t miss out on these amazing pieces that can be added and cherished in your Van Craeynest collection for years to come.